Server Consolidation is a primary concern for datacenter managers. Server consolidation is an approach to the efficient use of computer server resources in order to reduce the total number of servers or server locations that an organization requires.

The practice developed in response to the problem of server sprawl, a situation in which multiple, under-utilized servers take up more space and consume more resources than can be justified by their workload.


MCS offers a wide range of brands when it comes to buying a Personal Computer. Under this category, you can procure Desktop PCs, All in One PCs, TFT Monitors, etc as per your necessity. Also, you have this facility of selecting product across various makes such as Lenovo, HP, Acer, etc. Though our aim is to give our customers a wide range of brands to choose from, 'QUALITY' remains a top priority always.

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Laptops are becoming increasingly popular among consumers today. It's not hard to understand why. Small screens and cramped keyboards have been replaced by bigger, crisper displays and more usable key layouts. Processors have caught up in speed, and innovative new processors provide some real advantages.

A laptop is the most convenient way to take full advantage of the growing availability of high-speed wireless Internet access at airports, schools, hotels, and even restaurants.

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Printers & Scanners

MCS has a wide selection of printers to meet your needs. There are 9 Col & 24 Col dotmatrix printers - from affordable, low-volume models to high-speed network laser printers.

We have all kinds of scanners - Flatbed scanners, Sheet-fed scanners, Portable scanners and Barcode scanners.

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Switches & Routers

Connecting your computers and other devices to a switch allows them to communicate seamlessly with each other. A switch can expand a home network by giving devices like Network Cameras and Network Storage Devices access to the Internet.

If you're running a small business, you know how important it is to have a reliable, fast connection to the Internet. A wireless router allows all of the computers on your business network to easily share high-speed Internet access.

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Electronic Security Solutions

Secure your enterprise and residence with comprehensive, advanced security services tailored for the complex needs of today’s businesses and homes. Optimize security, interoperability, efficiency and ROI with us - your trusted security partner

Using video to capture activities in your facilities can be integral to promptly resolving security events. Diebold’s video solutions and services allow you to view events in real time. And when a security event is taking place, video can enable a fast response that increases your odds of minimizing loss and conducting effective investigations.

Protect lives and assets with a comprehensive fire detection system, including alarm panels, smoke detectors, pull stations and annunciation devices.

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Some apparently useful programs also contain features with hidden malicious intent. Such programs are known as Malware, Viruses, Trojans, Worms, Spyware and Bots.

Because of the harm a computer virus can do, it is feasible to identify the existence of virus as early as possible. It can infect registry files, duplicate files, corrupt Windows, steal Personal information or infect program libraries.

We provide total anti-virus protection services. We can provide all leading anti-virus applications like Quick Heal, Symantec and MacAfee. Contact us for more information.


We help clients in getting the best deals for various software applications. We guide our clients on software licensing and how to obtain it, and what software is available for. Recent trends indicate that in the software industry, pricing and software licensing policies are being made increasingly more flexible in order to improve vendor-customer relationships and to grow revenue.

We provide all leading software applications from Microsoft, Tally, Adobe, PostMaster, etc. Contact us for all your requirements of software.

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